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mit Chris Auber and Dan Beaver
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It‘s Old World vs. New World comedians in this heavyweight English standup comedy show! In one corner, British comedian Dan Beaver is ready to unleash a fury of fiery funnies to entertain his audience. In the other corner, American comedian Chris Auber makes it his mission to leave his audience smitten with laughter. The standup comedy showdown of the year is coming live to Munich! Often compared to Ricky Gervais (for his looks? His humor? The fact that he’s a British loyalist? You decide), Dan Beaver has been perfecting his standup career for 4 years and performed all across Europe, most notably at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Now his crusade of off-beat British humor is coming to conquer Munich!

Chris, an American who unfortunately fulfills none of his country’s stereotypes, has laughed and performed stand-up comedy across three continents, and his fans have this to say about him: „Chris Auber is the funniest guy I’ve ever met I definitely don’t have a gun to my head and am not under duress please help me.”

“Comedy for NATO Members” is the standup comedy show for Ausländer and Germans alike, uniting audiences under one roof for guaranteed laughter, or at least to save your heating bill for a few hours.

03.12. – Sa. – 20 Uhr


Eintritt 15 €